Happy As Larry Group Workshops: Group Sessions for Mental Health and Wellbeing 

We offer mental health and wellbeing workshops to help organisations improve employee wellness and create a company culture that supports mental health. We teach employees how to change their lives with simple self-care routines and mindful practices, and help you reduce stress and build resilience in the workplace. 

Boost Employee Wellbeing and Performance with Workshops Tailored to Your Needs

Happy As Larry Group is a team of talented and qualified therapists and wellbeing coaches, each with their area of expertise. We can deliver a wide range of workshops on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a longer-term wellbeing programme

We take a holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health, so our workshops can cover any number of wellbeing topics, from fitness to nutrition, mental health, and work-life balance. Workshops we can offer include:

  • Educational Workshops — We can raise awareness about mental health and the importance of self-care, and help employees incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives. We show your workforce that everyone has time for self-care and a proper work-life balance, and we make it as easy as possible for people to make lasting lifestyle and mindset changes.
  • Fitness Sessions — Laura and Kev, our energetic and enthusiastic fitness coaches, can get employees up and active with fitness sessions that will have the whole group smiling and burning calories. We help you find physical activities that you enjoy doing and offer a healthy outlet for stress and other negative emotions.
  • Group Counselling for Anxiety or Depression Anxiety and depression are two common mental health problems. With group therapy sessions, we can provide a support system for those who are suffering. Employees will have a chance to talk about their feelings and get support from a qualified therapist and their colleagues.
  • Stress Management and Resilience Workshops — We can teach employees tools and techniques to cope with stress and build resilience so that when challenging situations arise, they respond with a positive, proactive approach.
  • Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Classes — Carly, our yoga teacher, can help your employees build strength and flexibility, develop a better understanding of their bodies and improve their mental wellbeing. These classes, alongside mindfulness and meditation sessions with Lucy and Alex, the founders of Happy As Larry Group, can help your team to enhance mental clarity, relieve brain fog, and channel any stress and anxiety into positive energy. 

Whether you bring us on board to deliver mental health workshops, fitness sessions, group counselling for anxiety, or all of the above, we help your employees embark on a wellness journey that they’ll enjoy. We can motivate and inspire employees on all levels to improve their mental health and overall wellness. In doing so, we help you build a high-performance team full of happy, productive and valuable employees. 

Personal Therapy

Explore our personal therapy and coaching sessions. Learn how we can help you find freedom from your mental health and addiction issues.

Corporate Services

Discover corporate wellbeing and mental health services to boost employee wellness and create a happy and productive workplace.

Life Coaching

Work with our life coaches to change your mindset and transform your lifestyle, say no to limiting beliefs, and unlock your potential. 

Wellbeing Workshops

Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression can have a significant impact on people’s overall health and happiness. Poor mental wellbeing can cause physical symptoms like headaches, low energy and difficulty sleeping, as well as mental and behavioural side effects. People might suffer from negative feelings, mood swings, reduced concentration, poor memory and “brain fog”. Any one of these symptoms can negatively impact on people’s day to day lives and professional performance. Employees struggling with mental health or wellbeing problems are likely to be less productive; they might be absent more regularly or feel disengaged from work.