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Alex is an established wellbeing coach with a wealth of experience. He is not just a wellbeing coach because of his qualifications, he is a wellbeing coach because of his own personal life experiences and his ability to learn, grow and develop from them. 


Alex founded Happy As Larry Group with Lucy because they discovered that change is possible and they wanted to share it with the world. Alex found that by working through trauma, pain and suffering and changing old behaviours, he was able to create a new lifestyle for himself and live a life he never thought was possible. 


He understood that personal responsibility and accountability are key components to personal growth and success. Today, using coaching, mindfulness and emotional intelligence techniques, Alex has been able to help transform the lives of others and help them uncover areas of improvement so they can discover the best version of themselves.


"Life has no limitations, only your mindset does."


Alex specialises in:

  • Helping you uncover areas of improvement and discovering the best version of yourself. A coach will help you get from thought to reality, coaching you to be responsible and accountable towards your goals.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation - helping you live a life more mindful and less “mind full”. 

  • Emotional Intelligence - helping you to connect better with your emotions and communicate them openly and honestly.

  • Mental Health - mental health affects 1 in 10 people everyday and Alex will help you to effectively manage and overcome your mental issues using daily effective techniques.

  • Recovery & Sober Coaching - addiction affects so many of us and the impacts can be fatal. As a sober coach my job is not only to keep you sober but to help you create a lifestyle change that improves your life and the lives of people affected by you.

  • Group and Workshop facilitation - this is a great way to share your experience amongst others who understand you and want to succeed in life as you do.



  • Wellbeing Program 

  • Mindfulness Program 

  • Stages to Fulfilment  

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London, United Kingdom

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