Companion and Sober Services

We at Happy As Larry Group promise to walk alongside our clients, shining the light in to the darkness until they can find the light themselves. We know that we are all unique and individual in our needs, therefore some of us need a more bespoke around the clock support service. 


Our companions utilise their wealth of personal experience to provide peer support and guidance to promote a vision of hope, wellness and resilience to the client. They will help your client to reach a maximum level of self-sufficiency providing non-judgemental support designed to meet the individual ‘where they are at.’ We access each individual client, their personalities and support requirements and match a companion with similar interests and personality traits to ensure the best possible fit.


Services our companions provide but are not limited to:


  • Be of a calm and approachable manner ensuring the client feels safe and looked after at all times

  • Practice active listening, showing empathy, understanding and compassion – upholding the necessity of the strictest confidence at all times

  • Provide companionship and conversation for the individual

  • Work cooperatively with the respite team – keeping accurate and timely records on a daily basis and liaising with the team on a weekly conference call

  • Be the point of contact with the client when on shift

  • Are flexible and adaptable to differing scenarios and situations as they arise 

  • Model and support the belief that individuals can change and will do better, by promoting their own journeys as a message of hope

  • Use initiative to suggest fun and self-fulfilling activities to assist the individual in their daily life

  • Ensure that any schedule of treatment is communicated to the client on a daily basis and that any changes or alterations are calmly relayed and managed between client and companion


The goal of a companion is to lessen emotional distress exhibiting to the client that their life is worth so much more than they may have believed before meeting a companion. Each companion that Happy As Larry Group works with has unique and special interpersonal skills that guarantee to leave the client with a sense of self-worth and confidence that every single person is entitled to.

If would like to know more about our sober companion services please contact us below.

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