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Take control of your wellbeing and free yourself from stress, anxiety, depression and confidence issues. Improve your quality of life and smash your personal goals with our psychotherapy and wellness coaching services. 

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Do you feel like something is holding you back from living the life you really want? Preventing you from feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled? Maybe you feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety or depression, or perhaps you’re trying to deal with bereavement, overcome a psychological addiction or heal from past trauma. 

Whatever problems you’re facing, we want to help. We offer psychotherapy and wellness coaching tailored to your needs to help you work through difficult emotions and mental health problems. Our personal therapy private practice is designed to help you become happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit.

Your journey with us will start with one-to-one or group psychotherapy sessions, held either in London or online. You’ll get to know and work with Lucy, a friendly, inspiring and qualified therapist and Happy As Larry Group’s co-founder. Lucy and the rest of our team will help you find freedom from your mental health problems, past traumas and psychological struggles. You’ll learn to manage your thoughts, emotions and reactions, become more self-aware and improve your mental clarity.

With other private practice psychologists, your journey might stop there. But we care about more than just your mental health — we want to help you achieve complete wellness, work towards your dreams and aspirations and improve your quality of life.

So once you’ve worked with our psychotherapists to improve your mental health, our wellbeing coaches, including Alex (a happy, approachable and qualified life coach, as well as Lucy’s other half and co-founder of Happy As Larry Group), can help you continue your transformation in our flagship, research-based “Stages to Fulfillment” programme.  Using proven wellness and mindset life coaching methods, our personal coaches will help you to meet your personal goals and improve your overall wellbeing. The programme will be tailored to your individual needs and might include fitness and nutrition coaching, relationship and career support, and spiritual education through meditation and mindfulness. 

Find out more about how we can help you tackle specific mental health problems below, or get in touch to see how we can help you take control of your mental health and achieve a more fulfilling life.

Mental Health

Don’t suffer in silence with mental health problems. We can help you tackle mental wellness issues such as stress, anxiety and depression head-on. We’ll teach you how to overcome feelings of hopelessness and help you find freedom from your psychological struggles. 

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We know the road to recovery from addiction is by no means easy, but our addiction therapy is there to support you on your journey. We’ll help you overcome addiction and start living the happy, healthy and fulfilling life you deserve.

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Saying goodbye to loved ones and coping with grief when someone dies is difficult. We offer bereavement counselling to help you cope with the intense emotions and make sense of your feelings, while supporting you with returning to day-to-day life.

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Stress Management

Stress can be overwhelming and disruptive to both your professional and personal life. Through therapy and coaching, we can teach you to manage stress, identify stress factors and stop this feeling from dominating your life.

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