Our Programmes: Achieve Complete Wellness with Wellbeing Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy

When you start taking care of your mental and physical health, happiness and wellbeing, you unlock your full potential and start a new chapter of your life that’s fulfilling in so many different ways. You’ll feel more confident in yourself, you’ll benefit from a more positive mindset and go-getting attitude, and you’ll notice an improvement in your personal life, relationships and professional performance. You can find freedom from mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression, take control of your thoughts and feelings, and redefine who you are as a person.

Corporate Wellbeing Programmes: Look after Your Employees and Help Your Business Thrive

Employee wellbeing is key to the success of any business. When your employees are happy and healthy, their performance and productivity are improved, they’re more passionate about their role and they become more valuable members of your team. They’ll be engaged in work tasks and present not just in body but in mind too. The happiness of your employees will also play an important role in your retention rate.

So we offer corporate wellbeing programmes to help organisations harness the power of wellbeing, create a workforce that helps the business thrive, and build a company culture that people want to be a part of. 

We can work with your organisation over a short period or long-term to help employees make healthy lifestyle changes, reduce and manage stress, and improve their overall wellness. By teaching employees the tools and skills they need to become more resilient, they’ll learn to embrace challenges with a positive attitude. 

Depending on your goals and your employees’ needs, we might run group therapy sessions, fitness sessions, yoga classes and/or mindfulness and meditation classes. With a variety of options, we make wellbeing accessible to everyone. We get all employees involved and make sure they come away feeling happy, motivated and ready to boost their wellbeing.

Our Success Stories

We’re proud to share the stories of  people who have worked with us to transform their lives. Maybe you’ll be our next success story…

Stages to Fulfillment Programme: For Your Personal Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

If you’re hoping to take control of your personal wellbeing, you can start your journey to wellness with our flagship, research-based “Stages to Fulfillment” programme. We offer this programme as part of our personal therapy private practice, and we tailor each stage of the programme to your needs and goals. 

Whether you need to work through mental health problems, overcome addiction, or improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life, our Stages to Fulfillment programme takes a multi-stranded, holistic approach to your wellbeing. We start from within, with a combination of psychotherapy and wellness coaching. 

Through counselling and therapy sessions with Lucy, our approachable and qualified psychotherapist, you can find freedom from any mental health problems, past traumas and psychological struggles. You’ll learn to manage your thoughts, emotions and reactions, become more self-aware and improve your mental wellness.

As for wellbeing coaching, we offer a huge variety of one-to-one and group workshops with our contagiously energetic and enthusiastic wellbeing coaches. If you want to adopt a more active lifestyle, reach your fitness goals or lose weight, our qualified fitness instructors can help you get moving and learn to love exercise. Our wellbeing and nutrition coaching sessions can help you transform your diet and form a healthy relationship with food (without sacrificing taste or flavour for nutrition). You can also lower your stress levels, relieve anxiety, improve mental clarity and wellness and enhance your physical health with our yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes. 

We also know that your wellbeing affects not just you, but those around you and your opportunities too. So we can offer relationship and career support to help you improve the quality of your professional and personal life.

Personal Therapy

Explore our personal therapy and coaching sessions. Learn how we can help you find freedom from your mental health and addiction issues.

Corporate Services

Discover corporate wellbeing and mental health services to boost employee wellness and create a happy and productive workplace.

Life Coaching

Work with our life coaches to change your mindset and transform your lifestyle, say no to limiting beliefs, and unlock your potential. 

Start a New Chapter

All it takes to become the best version of yourself and live the life you want is a little self-care. 

However, achieving a healthy mind, body and spirit doesn’t happen overnight. Improving your wellbeing is a journey, and without sounding too cliché, the journey is just as important as the destination.

That’s why we offer mental health and wellbeing programmes to organisations and individuals. Our team of happy, approachable and qualified therapists and wellbeing coaches are here to help you put your personal wellness, or the wellbeing of your employees first. 

Using proven therapeutic, coaching and mindfulness methods, we teach you to overcome the obstacles affecting your mental health and holding you back from being the best you can be. With our help, you’ll learn to manage your emotions, boost your emotional intelligence, form healthy habits and make lasting lifestyle and mindset changes.