Corporate well-being

At Happy As Larry Group we understand the importance of well-being in our daily lives. We also understand the importance of corporate well-being and employees who are performing to the best of their abilities.

Why is it so important? Not only is there a big human cost of poor health at work, the cost to businesses is huge - absenteeism and presenteeism represents as much as 2% of GDP in the UK and it's costing the economy £73 billion per year in the UK alone.

Happy As Larry Group will work closely with you to understand your current challenges, needs and goals to provide you and your business with a tailored solution. 

Examples of what we offer:

  • Interactive talks and workshops - designed to help increase workplace morale and declined atmosphere.

  • Onsite coaching - designed to help demotivated employees to re-engage and become passionate with their work again. We help employees at all levels to become the best version of themselves and perform at the highest level.  

  • One to one therapy - stress, anxiety and depression are huge problems at work. Unfortunately and as much as we try to avoid it, these problems only get worse unless it's address immediately and regularly. 

  • Facilitate honest group therapy amongst team members.

  • Daily Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga - healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit is absolutely key and proven to increase energy, focus and productivity.

  • Leadership and Management programs - designed to help leaders at all levels to manage day to day challenges, adversity and to help them become more effective and compassionate leaders. The greatest leaders, lead by example. 

London, United Kingdom

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