On the 25th October 2017, Saudi Arabia awarded citizenship to its first AI Robot, Sophia. The news was announced at the Future’s Investment Initiative and people’s reactions were not surprising. Many turned to social media to express their feelings and it wasn’t all positive, especially those coming from females living in Saudi Arabia. 

Technology is evolving and it feels like human beings are being left behind. Seems like we are prioritising robots over our own race. That doesn’t seem right to you does it? Technology has had huge impact and benefits in our society but is it making us lazier, less interested in each other, less confident and more insecure. Are we so reliant on technology, that human interaction is fast becoming a thing of the past? 

Research tell us yes, according to Debate, 84% percentage of their respondents believe that humans are becoming too dependent on technology. What impact is that having on us as individuals? Are we becoming spiritually sick?

How many of us can go for a week without an internet connection or mobile phone? Do people take time to memorise phone numbers anymore? Technology has made life so convenient for humans that being without it is a very scary thought. What would happen if we had to go without our gadgets? What would happen if all the technology that people depend on just shut down?

I’m not here to campaign against technology, after all I’m writing this on my mac, using the internet and my WIFI connection. Technology has given us incredible things; it has connected us in so many ways and I hope it continues so that it can help change the world for the better.

My concern is with human beings. I have the pleasure of working with people from all walks of life, I get to hear their experiences, understand people’s deepest pain and suffering before I get to help them realise their true potential. I have seen a common pattern of behaviour.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, suicide and low self-esteem are just some of the many issues on the rise with adults as well as children due to some of the impact’s technology has had on them. People are now relying on social networks to validate and dictate their happiness, popularity, to be judged on the way they look, and when the responses are not satisfactory this has had a negative effect on people.

I have experienced that myself and share my experiences openly. I work with individuals, I speak at conferences, events, schools and I use social media platforms such as YouTube to reach a captive audience and the question I get asked a lot is. How do you do it? What did you do to change? What I need to do? I want what you have? How can I change?

The answer is pretty simple, the work is pretty simple, but the problem is… everyone is always too busy or it’s not the right time. “I’m definitely going to be done it in the New Year.” Unfortunately, that time never comes for most, but the few who do put this into practice, go on to live incredible lives and the results are fascinating. 

So, where have you gone wrong? You have lost connection with you, lost connection with your spiritual self and have become reliant on outside resources to make you feel better. For example, many have turned to social media, alcohol, drugs, relationships, food, sex, gambling, reality TV, etc. You’ve learned to fixate and attach to external solutions, to try and fix your internal problems.

The truth is and I’ve been there, you are scared of change, you fear the unknown, you are scared to look at yourself, you have become lazy and you rather suffer in unhappiness, than rejoice in love. You rather stay depressed, anxious, hate your job, be in an unhappy relationship, than do something about it that will benefit YOU! You do this, in hope that it may change… it won’t!

“You NEVER put yourself first, this is why you suffer. You are a people pleasing, insecure, lying, cheating, addict and a depressive waste of space. Why should you care about yourself? I don’t care about you and neither does the rest of the world. Do us all a favour and just kill yourself.”

This is what I used to say to myself every time I wanted to change my miserable life. Writing that brought back some weird memories, because that is not me today and I wouldn’t say those things to myself. I have too much self-respect and I love myself too much.

I continuously learn the importance of love, kindness, tolerance and helping others. I’m learning to live, and I teach a way of living which is easy, adaptable and allows for continuously grow. Mindfulness Coaching is an ideal way of living because there are no limits, no boundaries, just opportunities for discovery, growth and development. 

The world is an incredible place and I see things today, that I never did before. The world is not perfect, and neither am I, that’s how it should be so we can have a little room for growing and learning.

Give yourself the time and care you deserve, if you are feeling ready for a change, contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you.

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