alex da silva

"Perfection is failure's best friend. Choose your friends carefully"

Alex was born in Brazil and was fortunate to come to the UK at the age of 11 without speaking the language. Growing up Alex survived various forms of abuse (mental, physical and sexual), bullying, anxiety and fears throughout childhood always feeling like he was not good enough.


Alex went on to become a successful professional but suffered from years of mental health problems and addiction issues (drugs, alcohol, food and sex) and at lowest points in his life he tried to commit suicide three times and had two drug induced overdoses. Alex found recovery through the 12 step program and discovered mindfulness meditation with a Buddhist monk.


Alex is an established Motivational Speaker and TEDx Speaker with a wealth of personal and professional experience in emotional intelligence, mental health and addiction. As a motivational speaker Alex focuses his talks around the topics of emotional intelligence and personal growth, mental health issues and addiction giving the audience not only brutal honesty and vulnerability but practical takeaways you can immediately add to your personal lifestyle.

Alex's talks are moving, motivational and inspirational. His talks will leave you feeling grateful, hopeful and glad you were there to take part in the experience. His stories are thought provoking, Alex is charismatic, charming and funny but vulnerable and really honest with the audience about his life experiences.


Alex has shared his life story with audiences ranging from students to professionals, to prison inmates and individuals that seek recovery from mental health and addiction.

Alex is TEDx Speaker having spoken at TedxUoChester on "A journey to my future self", available on YouTube. He is an ambassador and motivational speaker for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and a host of Happy As Larry Group – The Feel-Good Show! podcast available on iTunes and YouTube.

Recent clients:

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University of Chester

Loughborough University

iCAAD Conference

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Alex da Silva


London, United Kingdom

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